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This is just a quick guide on how to use this tool. This does assume that you already use HandBrake.

System requirments

.NET 3.5
HandBrake CLI

Setup an encode in handbrake as you would normally. Instead of pressing the start button go to Query Editor and hit "Generate Query" copy out the generated command.
Paste the command into the window in my Batch Encode tool. Remove the -i and -o entries I.E. -i "c:\myvideo.avi" -o c:\convertedvid.m4v" needs to be removed.
Select the folder contain your AVI files to be converted
Remove and file you do not want to encode
Check that the output path is correct.
Check that the CLI path is correct. The default matches the default install location of the CLI

Click Start Batch Encode
All of the select files will now be encoded with the same settings.

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